Econo Retractable Banner Stand

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The Econo Retractable Banner Stand represents a budget-friendly option, offering essential features with the best overall value. This banner stand is collapsible and portable, allowing for straightforward transportation and setup. This makes it an ideal choice for events, trade shows, or any venue where quick assembly is appreciated. The Econo Retractable Banner Stand's versatility also stands out, as it can be effectively used in various settings, from corporate presentations to educational fairs and retail storefronts, adapting easily to different environments and purposes.

Explore the possibilities and elevate your display today with the Econo Retractable Banner Stand.

Stand & Banner Sizes
▪ 24" Silver Stand, 24" x 80" Banner
▪ 33.5" Silver Stand, 33.5" x 80" Banner
▪ 33.5" Black Stand, 33.5" x 80" Banner
▪ 36" Silver Stand, 36" x 80" Banner

Included with every Econo Retractable Banner Stand
▪ Aluminum Base
▪ Support Pole
▪ Top Clamp Bar
▪ Graphic Banner (Super Flat Vinyl)
▪ Econo Travel Bag

2-4 Working Days + Shipping Time

Suggested Uses
Pop Displays, Kiosks, Restaurants, Hair Salons, Galleries, Exhibits, Trade Shows, Showrooms, Office Lobbies, Medical & Dental Offices, Events, Seminars, etc.

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