14pt Premium Greeting Cards (5" x 7")

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14pt Premium Greeting Cards are our standard for the best overall value in terms of quality and price. These Premium Greeting Cards are available in Matte and UV High-Gloss. The insides are writable (pen-friendly) and ready for your personal messages, so order yours today.

A7 Blank Envelopes
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A7 Blank Envelopes

▪ 14pt Premium Greeting Cards (5" x 7")

▪ Folded Size: 5" x 7" (Score on 7" Side, Ships Flat)
▪ Flat Size: 10" x 7"

▪ 14pt Premium Matte
▪ 14pt Premium UV High-Gloss (Outside Only)

▪ 4/0 (Color Front / Blank Back)
▪ 4/4 (Color Front / Color Back)

▪ 5-7 Working Days + Shipping Time

Reach out to us
if you need these gift cards in a different size and/or quantity.

Suggested Uses
Greeting Cards, Event Cards, Invitations, Wedding Invitations, Save-the-Date Cards, Thank You Cards, Announcements, Holiday Cards, Work Anniversary Cards, Birthday Cards, Blank Cards, Gift Card Enclosures, Mini Menus...

5" x 7" Greeting Cards
(10" x 7" Horizontal Flat Template)
7" x 5" Greeting Cards
(7" x 10" Vertical Flat Template)
10" x 7" (Outside)

10" x 7" (Inside)
7" x 10" (Outside)

7" x 10" (Inside)

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