Disposable Menus

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Disposable menus are a practical solution for dining establishments aiming to combine cost-efficiency with convenience, especially suitable for businesses that require frequent updates or wish to avoid the hassle of cleaning and reusing traditional menus. Their writable surface is particularly advantageous, allowing customization of orders, daily specials, or personalized messages directly on the menu itself. Designed for single use and recyclable, they promote good hygiene, reduce the risk of cross-contamination among patrons—a vital feature in today's health-conscious environment.

▪ 8.5" x 11"

▪ 70lb Text Uncoated

▪ No Fold—Flat
  8.5" x 11"
▪ Flat 
▪ Half-Fold—Vertical
▪ Half-Fold—Horizontal
▪ Tri-Fold—Horizontal
▪ Z-Fold-Horizontal

▪ 4/0 (Full Color Front / Blank Back)
▪ 4/4 (Full Color  Front / Full Color  Back)

▪ 2-4 Working Days + Shipping Time

Suggested Uses
Disposable Menus, Newsletters, Low-Cost Flyers, Price List...

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