9" x 12" Envelopes

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9" x 12" envelopes, often referred to as Catalog and Booklet envelopes, are versatile, large business-sized mailers ideal for shipping catalogs, booklets, and accompanied by cover letters or additional literature. They are perfectly sized for mailing flat, letter-sized, multi-page documents without folding, ensuring they remain crease-free and presentable. These envelopes can be customized with full-color and full-bleed printing, enhancing their professional appearance and making them a popular choice for a wide range of uses, including the distribution of legal documents, portfolios, photographs, and marketing materials, all while providing protection and maintaining a polished look. Choose our 9" x 12" envelopes for your next shipment and make a lasting impression!

▪ Catalog 9" x 12" Envelope (Opens on 9" Side)
▪ Booklet 12" x 9" Envelope (Opens on 12" Side)

▪ 70lb Premium Opaque White

Color (Full-Bleed)
▪ 4/0 (Full-Color Front / Blank Back)

▪ 5-7 Working Days + Shipping Time

Suggested Uses
Catalog Envelopes, Booklet Envelopes, Flat Letter Sized Envelopes...

9" x 12" Business Envelopes
Open on 12" Side
Open on 9" Side

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