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20pt Plastic Business Cards

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20pt plastic cards are available in Opaque and Frosted White. Opaque White is matte and can hold colors brilliantly. Frosted White is softer in appearance and translucent. Since inks are also translucent, colors on Frosted White are characteristically softer as well. Both cards are extremely durable and waterproof.

▪ 3.5" x 2"

▪ 20pt Opaque White (Plastic)
▪ 20pt Frosted White (Plastic)

▪ 20pt White (Opaque)
     ▪ 4/0 (Color Front / Blank Back)
     ▪ 4/4 (Color Front / Color Back)

▪ 20pt Frosted (Translucent)
     ▪ 4/0 (Color Front Only)

▪ 1/8" Round Corners
▪ 1/4" Round Corners

▪ 5-7 Working Days + Shipping Time

Suggested Uses
Business Cards, Name Cards, VIP Cards, Product Insert Cards, Mini Bookmarks, Promotional Cards...



3.5" x 2"

2" x 3.5"

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