14pt Uncoated Crème Business Cards

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For a more natural and vintage aesthetic, consider our classic 14pt Crème Business Cards. They’re smooth, uncoated card stocks with an undertone of cream hue. If your business is into organic, earthy, retro, or attributes that convey heritage, then the 14pt Crème Business Cards are for you. Select your options above to get started today.

▪ 3.5" x 2"

▪ 14pt Uncoated Crème
  (environmentally friendly with 30+% post-consumer waste content)

▪ 4/0 (Color Front / Blank Back)
▪ 4/4 (Color Front / Color Back)

▪ Standard Square Corners
▪ Optional 1/8" Round Corners (100 MOQ)

▪ Optional 1/4" Round Corners (100 MOQ)

Horizontal Business Card Template

Vertical Business Card Template

3.5" x 2" H 2" x 3.5" V

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