Round Floor Graphics (Interior)

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Indoor Floor Graphics have very high visibility and serve many purposes. Use them to grab attention, promote a product/brand, or use them as wayfinders to direct high foot traffic. When it’s time to clean, there are no extra procedures. Simply clean your floor as you usually do along with the Indoor Floor Graphics. That’s it!

Material Specifications
▪ 4mil flexible vinyl w/Removable acrylic adhesive.
▪ +6mil clear lamination w/ slight texture for durability and slip-resistance.
▪ Classified under UL 410 for floor graphics applications.

NOTE: Floor Graphics can be removed within six months after application under normal exposure conditions. 

▪ 12" Diameter
▪ 24" Diameter
▪ 36" Diameter
▪ 48" Diameter
▪ Custom Size: > Request a Custom Quote
(Max Size: 48" x 48")

▪ 4/0 (Color Front / Back Blank)

▪ 2-4 Working Days + Shipping Time

Suggested Uses
Marketing, Promotions, Information, Encourage Physical Distancing, Floor Decorations... 

▪ Color mode: CMYK

▪ Minimum resolution: 150 DPI

▪ Bleed: 1/2"

▪ Safe Zone (Margin): 1"

▪ Embed all images

▪ Outline all fonts

▪ No transparencies, please

▪ Acceptable file formats: EPS, TIF, PDF, JPF

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