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15pt Matte Silk Business Cards

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15pt Matte Silk is one of our most popular card stocks. A special film laminated to both sides gives these business cards a unique matte quality. To further enhance this already impressive card stock, consider adding spot UV, foil stamping, or embossing.

▪ 3.5" x 2"

▪ 15pt Matte Silk Card Stock w/ Spot UV
▪ 15pt Matte Silk Card Stock w/o Spot UV

Spot UV
▪ NO Spot UV
▪ YES Spot UV

▪ Standard Square Corners 
▪ 1/4" Round Corners

Foil Stamping (Optional)
▪ Blind Foil Stamping (Front Side Only)
▪ Maximum Foil Stamping Size: 1.5" x 3"
▪ Foil Stamping Margin: 1/8" (All Sides)
▪ Foil Stamping Cannot Overlap with Spot UV (1/8" apart minimum)

Foil Colors
▪ Gold Foil
▪ Silver Foil
▪ Red Foil
▪ Blue Foil
▪ Green Foil

▪ 4/0 (Color Front / Blank Back)
▪ 4/4 (Color Front / Color Back)

▪ 5-7 Working Days + Shipping Time

▪ +1 Working day for Round Corners
▪ +1 Working day for Foil Stamping

Suggested Uses
Business Cards, Name Cards, Enclosure Cards, Hang Tags, VIP Cards, Product Insert Cards, Mini Holiday Cards, Mini Bookmarks, Promotional Cards...



3.5" x 2"

2" x 3.5"

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